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No Future? Yes Future!

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After we merged our business with a shoe repair store on Taraval Street, some of the customers ask, "Why shoe repair?" and I tell them, "Why not?"

It is ironic to have customers come to fix their shoes, and ask us why we are continuing the business. I get the sense that repairing business is never highly valued although it requires lots of craftsmanship. People are probably worried about us being young stuck in this business that has no future.

The reason why we decided to keep the business was to help people aware of consumerism. We spend too much on things that we don't need and nowadays people never fix anything. Do we really buy things that we absolutely need? The cycle of buying and throwing out causes too much pollution and trash in the world. I believe if 50% of people in the world fixed their broken shoes/bags/anything instead of buying new, that will make a lot of difference in the world.

When we make our products, we're always conscious of where we are getting our materials from. All our materials are 100% made in USA, starting from selvedge denim, leather, thread, zippers, hardwares and etc. When we make our products, we are always thinking about durability so it would last a long time. That is why from the beginning, we have been doing repair services to all our ODSY customers, so they don't need to buy new things, make waste and make unnecessary spendings. I think the shoe repair business as just another extension of our consciousness.


I had one customer came in and asked if the younger generations ever fix things anymore. Well, I've seen a lot of people my age (in their 20's) come into our store to fix their shoes, handbags and other leather goods, so answer to that is YES, the younger generations do care but should care more. If we are here, there will be more chance to show for those who doesn't realize things can actually be repaired, instead of consuming. The most important thing about this business isn't whether I can make lots of money to buy a real estate in San Francisco, but to plant positive idea of re-using, repairing and recycling to all the customers who come into the store. I hope our work can change someone's point of view someday, and if that happens, the future is brighter than ever for everyone.


West Coast Craft 2014

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We had a great weekend at West Coast Craft. We were very grateful to have an opportunity to show our work to the community. All of our hard work preparing for the show definitely paid off! We received very helpful and kind feedback from lots of people who visited our booth. We also met variety of interesting people who made the week even more wonderful. We were very honored to be a part of such a talented group of people.

I wanted to thank my partner, who worked very hard while I was traveling for almost a month (!). Most of the products were made by Soojin, and I think he should be acknowledge for his very hard work. 

Photo taken by Kehau Lyons

Photo taken by Kehau Lyons

The most popular products at the show were: Haru tote bags and Aprons. The best products for stocking stuffers were Champagne card cases and Mini leather envelopes. Some of the items are new and haven't made on our web shop yet, but will soon to be updated.

Thanks everyone for supporting us and hope you enjoy our products!

Working on Satinka Slippers

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I'm working very hard on making Satinka Slippers for West Coast Craft.

Satinka Slippers are inspired by my interest in Native American culture and the word Satinka itself, which means magic dancer in Native American language. Before proceeding on my design, I imagined a character using our product. And for Satinka Slippers, I designed as I imagined a shaman wearing these slippers while she's on her magical duty. They are available in gold, white gold and black.  Please stay tuned for updates!


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Here are some continued photos of making Laguna bags.

After finished making the products, we delivered orders to Rare Device. Now you can find our products at their new Noe Valley store and also Divisadero store in San Francisco!

The Rare Device gallery manager and our friend, Kehau Lyons, took a photo of team ODSY. ✌

Suhi made a prototype passport case with vegetable tanned leather for a custom order.

For everyday use, it can be used as a field notes case / wallet. 

One of our very close friend wanted our Cone Mill selvedge denim bag but wanted it to be a bigger size to fit his 15" laptop. So we custom made the bag for him. The denim will naturally fade with everyday use and age beautifully!

Making of Laguna Bag

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It's been a very busy week. We had to move out from our beloved Bayview studio and finding a space was very difficult. Luckily, we found a perfect space in the Mission with a very nice studio neighbor. We spent days moving &  settling in and now it's time to work! We've been making chocolate colored Laguna Bags and here is how they are made.