Renegade Craft Fair Recap

We had a great time at the Renegade Craft Fair in Fort Mason last week! It was the first time showing our work to the public (other than a few close friends), we were a bit nervous but overall, it was a great experience, inspiring and we learned so much from it.


Here are some behind the scene photos:


Suhi, my partner in crime and also the maker of ODSY Workshop, is trying to figure out the display set up. I usually give him an inspiration photo and a very clumsy drawing of what i want, and he makes things come true in real life! He was very thoughtful and nice enough to make it easy to reassemble and fit into my tiny car. 

Katrina of All Gold printshop was very nice to help us making the banner. We're going to work together on few more projects in the future so please stay tuned! Thank you Katrina!


Here is me, being very proud of mass production of Laguna bags! I'm usually in charge of making soft goods and Suhi is in charge of making leather products.

All of our leather products are hand stitched. Even with the Laguna bags, the leather parts are hand sewn using saddle stitch with high quality linen thread. It takes a long time, but we try to minimize using too much machinery. 


Here is Suhi making Noir Envelope Clutch. As you can see here, he is very precise.

 Photo credit to Naomi Kwon

Photo credit to Naomi Kwon

Thanks everyone who came to see us and for those of you who complimented our products! We were truly thankful for the experience we had at the fair! 

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